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 Joanna Levesque

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Joanna Levesque

Joanna Levesque

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Joanna grew up mostly with her mother. Her first three years of her life was listened to her parents fighting and arguing all the time, though she didn't really know what they were saying, she knew it was not good. through the next year in her life see watched her parents go through a divorce, after that her father became a bit mean with her. One night it got really bad, as she was staying with Paul right after the divorce was final, Paul had already been drinking and was not in the best mood, Joanna wanted juice while Paul was on the phone and told her to wait and he would get her some, but Joanna had other ideas, she wanted to show her daddy that she was a big girl and could do it herself, but when she start pouring the juice she dropped the jug making Paul jump and ran in hearing the glass jug break, it didn't take long for Paul to freak out and he quick slapped her across the face really hard and started yelling at her. The next day a teacher saw the bruise on her cheek and called it in, Paul lost all rights too his baby girl and quickie got help and earned his rights to his daughter back. Now Joanna is fifteen and lives mostly with her mom since her dad is on the road all the time, though she has no memory of what happened that day, her mother remind her of it every time Joanna goes to stay with Paul, though Joanna has never asked Paul about it, cause Joanna loves her father with all her heart and would do anything for him, and trys not to hurt him. Joanna trys hard to make her daddy proud, just really doesn't take much, right now Joanna is trying to just herself started in the music business, but hasn't told Paul yet,cause she's not sure if she can make it. The one thing she's never told anymore is what her step-dad does to her. Paul pet name for Joanna is Jo Jo.
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Joanna Levesque
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