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 Suggestion Form

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Allie Lawson-Orton
Allie Lawson-Orton

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PostSubject: Suggestion Form   Suggestion Form EmptyThu Aug 18, 2011 4:07 pm

Post your Suggestion in this Format for consideration:

OVERVIEW - Give a short synopsis of your idea. 2 or 3 sentences MAX

HOW IT WORKS - Explain how it will work within the Forum

PROS - WHO will benefit AND how the site will benefit from this change (The UPSIDE)

CONS - WHO will NOT benefit or be at a disadvantage AND how will the site be impacted negatively from this change (The DOWNSIDE)

Please think this through. Not everything can be done but i hope you still enjoy the changes we do make.

Suggestion Form 212si91
Suggestion Form 2gw83v5
Suggestion Form 2md2dfq
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Suggestion Form
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