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Allie Lawson-Orton
Allie Lawson-Orton

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PostSubject: READ FIRST   Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:06 pm

You can only request graphics or videos if a member has their own section in place (PM a admin to add your own artwork section). Do not post here begging for graphics if there is no person accepting or if the post is not where it belongs, they will be deleted and you will get 1 warning then suspension if done again.

Members if you are one of those that will have a section here, remember this:

Post ACCEPTED after each request if you are willing to do them.
Post DENIED after each request if not...but a reason must be given. Admin wont force you to make anything, but we want to know why.
Post ON VACATION if you are taking a break from the forum. If you see this do not post a request. Everyone hates junk post.
Post ACCEPTING or NOT ACCEPTING request, big enough so others will see it. When some is not doing request please so not harrass them or you are in trouble.

No rude remarks about anyone's work. If they were nice enough to make it, say thank you and move on. If you dont like what was made, show curtsy and use it for a week before getting rid of it. These people take their own time to make them for you.


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