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 How do you become an affliate?

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Allie Lawson-Orton
Allie Lawson-Orton

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PostSubject: How do you become an affliate?   Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:04 pm

It's simple, place your site link, banner, and a brief description of your site in a topic(Title being the name of the site). You must also send a PM to an admin with a link to your banner so it can be down sized to add to our widget. Failure to do so will have your advertisement on here removed.

If it is accepted by admin, it will stay and be added to the affiliate section on our portal and forum widget.

If not accepted it will be removed from the site and a reason will be PM'ed to you.

If we add you, you must add us as an affiliate as well, only fair.


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How do you become an affliate?
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