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 Allie Lawson

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Allie Lawson-Orton
Allie Lawson-Orton

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Allie grew in Nashville where all the country music is recorded. She knew from an early age that she wanted to be a singer so she started practicing. She made it on American Idol and won the show. She was excited when she got to make her first single 'Before he cheats' which went straight to the number one spot. Aliie has been in and out of relationships with other men, but her longest one was with Alex Riley. They broke up when he decided that he wanted to cheat on her. She enter the wrestling world with him and became the first and only diva in Legacy. There is where she met Randy Orton. Her biggest crush yet. She doesnt know how to act around him, but she knows that there is something between them.

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Allie Lawson
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