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 Nicole Hickenbottom

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Nicole Hickenbottom

Nicole Hickenbottom

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Nicole was once the biggest daddy's girl ever, Shawn and Holly never got married, but after her mom married her short time younger boyfriend, things began to change. Nicole started spending less time with Shawn, which made her think Shawn didn't want her anymore, but little did she know it was her mother doing it. Now that Nicole is fourteen, she's not seen her father since she was twelve, she is sure he hates and she hates him right back, but she wants things back to what they where like when she was little. Nicole dropped out of school after a big rumor started about her having sex with her step dad and getting pregnant with his baby and then lost it.She had swear it was just a rumor, but no one believed her, she had lost many friend and gained more enemies. Now that her mom passed away she is forced to go and live with the man she believe hates her.

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Nicole Hickenbottom
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