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 Special Info!

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Allie Lawson-Orton
Allie Lawson-Orton

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PostSubject: Special Info!   Special Info! EmptyThu Aug 18, 2011 12:31 pm

There will be special rewards given to members who are active. I will not say what they are or when they will be given out. The only way to attained them will be by staying active, giving good post material, and helping out others. The point system will play a part but do not rely on it thinking you will receive something for it.

If for any reason you are causing trouble you will not be able to recieve any reward that month. I only want hard working members to receive these E-gifts.

Other factors will play a part in my choosing but those will remain secret to myself and any other admin. Moderators(if any are assigned) will give me their opinion on the matter.

Any STAFF of this site will NOT be able to get these awards. They will be put into a different drawing just for them to keep everything fair.

This will be updated with more info as when needed.
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Special Info!
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